Used to describe industries that require large investments in capital assets to produce their goods, such as the automobile industry. These firms require large profit margins and/or low costs of borrowing to survive. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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capital-intensive ˌcapital-inˈtensive adjective
FINANCE capital-intensive businesses or industries need large amounts of money to pay for the assets they need; ➔ labour-intensive:

• Glass making is capital-intensive, requiring huge investments and big production volumes to operate economically.

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capital-intensive UK US adjective ECONOMICS
used to describe an industry, business, or process that needs a lot of investment in materials, equipment, etc. in order to operate: »

The oil industry is capital-intensive, and the company's capital spending budget last year was $19.9 billion.

Compare LABOUR-INTENSIVE(Cf. ↑labour-intensive)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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